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STM-2 USB Thin Film Rate/Thickness Monitor

STM-2 combines the simplicity of USB connectivity with the accuracy of a precision measurement engine, all in a compact, inexpensive package. The size and simplicity of STM-2 help make setup and operation easy and efficient.


STM-2 is the most accurate USB powered thin film monitor in the industry. Ten measurements are taken per second while achieving a resolution of 0.037 Å per measurement (density of 1).


STM-2 comes with everything you need to connect your QCM sensor/feedthrough to a Windows® PC. Simply connect the included BNC cable from the feedthrough to STM-2, then connect the STM-2 to your PC using a standard mini USB cable (included). No external oscillator or power supply is required.

STM-2 features an internal oscillator that allows for simple and cost effective installation when STM-2 is located within 1 m (40 in.) of the quartz crystal. A standard INFICON® oscillator kit can be used for applications where STM-2 must be located farther away from the feedthrough.


STM-2 includes LabVIEW® software, capable of simple operation and data logging. Windows software is also included for operation and data logging of up to eight STM-2s simultaneously (each STM-2 requires a powered USB port).

Please Note: The SMDP Server needs to be installed for the STM-2 Windows Application Software or the STM-2 LabVIEW Application Software to function properly.

● Low cost instrument
● USB connection
● Internal oscillator
● High accuracy at 10 measurements per second
● Compatible with an external oscillator
● Includes software

● Front Load Single Sensor

item code : STM-2 USB Thin Film Rate/Thickness Monitor

product spec
Type : STM-2
Sensor inputs : One
Compatible sensors : Non-shuttered single QCM sensor
Sensor input : Female BNC
Measurement frequency range : 6.0 to 5.0 MHz (fixed)
Frequency resolution : ±0.03 Hz at 6 MHz
Measurement interval : 0.10 s
Reference frequency stability : ±2 ppm
Thickness and rate resolution/measurement :
±0.037 Å @ tooling/density = 100/1, fundamental frequency = 6 MHz
Thickness display resolution : 1 Å (display on software only)
Interface : USB v1.1 or later capable of providing 400 mA, 5 V (dc)
Size : 11.4 x 7.5 x 2.5 cm (4.5 x 3 x 1 in.)
Weight : 57 g (2 oz.)
Computer requirements : Any PC running Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, or 8 with one available USB 1.1 (or later) port for each STM-2