MPF - Electrical Feedthrough


Vacuum Viewports Custom Designed for Your Most-Demanding Applications.

Fiber Optics

MPF Optical Fiber Feedthroughs are designed for ultrahigh vacuum applications and feature extremely low outgassing rates and excellent helium leak rates. The feedthroughs are designed to mate with industry standard connectors (FC/PC, FC/APC, and FSMA).This allows for high transmission and minimal insertion loss at interconnects. You can purchase them as weldable or in CF’s or KF designs. We offer four fibers in single mode and four fibers with broader range frequencies (multimode).


Get custom designed or stock multipin connectors designed and delivered fast.


Thermocouple is the description for electrical feedthroughs that are commonly used for temperature measurement systems.


Highly-Efficient Power Feedthroughs for Vacuum Systems.


Eelectrical feedthroughs with parallel and concentric conductor paths, and with the inner most conductor path electrically isolated from the vacuum flange.


High Quality Ceramic to Metal Breaks.