Rb Vapor Reference Cells

Rubidium Vapor Reference Cell

NEXTRON offers high quality vapor wavelength reference cells and gas cells for spectroscopy. We carry the following vapor wavelength reference cells: Rubidium (Rb) cells. We also offer isotopically enriched Rubidium and 87 Rubidium. The purity level of the natural elements used in manufacturing all vapor cells is greater than 99% and is then distilled to an even higher purity during the filling process. When requested, fill the cell with 99.9999% purity Ar, N2, and provide the desired percentage of buffer gas. The atomic vapor cells are customized from pyrex, quartz materials and maintain a vacuum of less than 10-8 Torr inside.

item code : Rubidium Vapor Reference Cell

Quartz, Pyrex
2.5mm, 3.0mm tube
product spec
Material: Rd(Rubidium), 87Rd(87Rubidium)
Buffer Gas: 99.9999% Ar, 99.9999% N2
Reference Cell Material: Quarts, Pyrex
Stem Size: Φ2.5 ~ Φ3

All vapor cells are helium leak checked and then baked under vacuum to the 10-8 Torr range before they are filled with the selected element.