Sputtering Targets, Backing Plates, Bonding

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Sputtering Targets, Backing Plates, Bonding Services

Sputtering Targets
"Plasmaterials, Inc. offers a complete line of sputtering targets ranging from commercial grade to highest purity, zone refined Ultra-Pure grade. These materials can be fabricated to fit all commercially available systems or to specific dimensions required for your particular applications. A number of metallurgical techniques are employed in PVD material fabrication.

● Hot Pressing
● Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP'ing)
● Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP'ing)
● Vacuum Sintering
● Induction Melting
● Vacuum Melting & Casting
● Arc Melting
● Electron-Beam Melting
● Plasma Spraying
● Co-Precipitation"

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